Bubble Luxotel – sleeping in a bubble and looking at the stars. The most interesting hotels.

The Petra Bubble luxotel, the best hotels in Jordan, travel. Najlepsze hotele w Jordanii, Jordania, hotel bańka Malvina Dunder

This is probably the best hotel I have stayed in or one of the best. Certainly the most interesting. It is located in the desert of Jordan, where the evening sky is strewn with so many stars that you cannot fall asleep out of excitement. Every “building” there is a bubble and you can feel like on a different planet.

Everyone has their own bubble and a jacuzzi at their disposal. You enter the bubble in a specific way because there are two doors, one must be closed behind to open the other. It has something to do with the air inside, and there is also a funny strange reverberation inside. Some parts of the bubble, including the “ceilings”, are transparent so you can’t really fall asleep admiring the stars. You wake up in the middle of the night and you have a breathtaking view.

I was there at the end of March and it was warm during the day and very cold at night. By the way, I’ve never seen such thick blankets as in Jordan, under which it is difficult to move and feet get numb.

In the bubble, you can cover yourself with a thick duvet, and during the day the bubble gets completely covered so that it does not get overheated from the sun.

There is also a very nice thing at disposal – a traditional Bedouin coat. It’s great!

In the evening, dinner is served in a big, main bubble, where there is even more funny echo, and then you can go for a Bedouin tea, shisha, also dancing and singing in a beautiful, colorful, traditional Bedouin tent.

The only thing that let me down was the lack of a vegetarian / vegan dinner. Maybe if you inform the hotel before the stay, they can prepare it. We asked upon arrival and were assured that something vegan will be made, but we got rice baked with chicken, fish and broth. There were several vegan starters, but the main course was unfortunately not (you are at the desert and there is no other restaurant around). The service was very nice and informed us that chicken is not meat, so the dish is “vegetarian” … I have a slightly different point of view, but you know, these crazy vegans are so picky 😉

Getting to the bubble hotel is quite easy, I got there by rented car and it is generally a convenient form of traveling around Jordan.

I recommend watching sunset from the jacuzzi and feel like on a different planet 🙂

Inside the traditional Beduin tent. The Petra Bubble Luxotel hotel.
Bubble luxotel in Jordan
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