Hello Autumn! The hunting ban.

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Beautiful fall is also a start of animal hunting in Europe and maybe in the different parts of the world as well.

My dream is to live in a peaceful world where everyone is safe.

Especially those small ones who cannot speak for themselves🐇

Armed men are luring animals with food, shooting them from a long distance (like it’s something brave) and feel like a real man.

But me and most of the emotionally stable women, feel safer with a strong man who protects his tribe, the smaller ones and the weak ones, all who need it

I would love to see the end of the hunting procedure and congratulate everyone who stopped it and changed a world for the better 💛

Costa Rica banned hunting a few years ago❣️

Like my inspirator is always saying “if many people would make something small, it will make a big difference” @mariabucardi 🦋

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