My first time.

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So it happened, I created a blog. For a long time, I was a bit reluctant to do this, but the number of characters on Social Media is limited. And also the use of SoMe, despite many advantages, can often be limiting.

So, it will be colorful, positive, without judging. However, we will break stereotypes.

I travel and explore the world with love to our planet Earth. I admire it and send images further into the world so we would have more motivation to care for it and respect nature.

We live in interesting times, when many people wake up, get out of restrictions, feel the power to influence the world. We use this, everyone in their own way, to create a better world.

My main goal is to promote the beauty of our Mother Earth, but I can’t be serious all the time, so you will probably find here some crazy and adventures too.

Malvina Dunder with love to planet Earth. Travel adventures & conscoius living. Blog podróżniczy, świadome życie, z miłości do planety Ziemi
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One response to “My first time.”

  1. Can’t wait for more posts and more adventures. love it.

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