Progress, not perfection.

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You will not find perfectionism on this blog.

If you see a mistake, a made up word, well, we will have to live with that 😉

After many years of obsessive perfectionism, I learned to balance it. Like any extreme, it is not beneficial. It is limiting and sometimes causes a headache.

It also doesn’t make much sense, because “perfect” is a relative term and means something different to everyone. We have almost 8 billion people on Earth and everyone has own definition of it. Variety is something beautiful and interesting.

Sad are the stories of people who worked on something for several years to achieve the “perfection”, and then noticed that it is too late and worked in vain.

We are always in progress and what we do gets better over time. But we have to start somewhere, preferably quickly, without in-depth analysis, the best we can and move on. We only regret what our hearts desired but we ignored it.

I am not a travel and writing specialist, I just love and do it. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. But always the best I can (at this point).

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