The Dead Sea.

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My fascination with the Dead Sea run high, so when I had the opportunity I jumped into the water, regardless of around 14 Celsius degrees outside. It was cold but it was worth it. That floating (not really swimming) has been on my “bucket list” for a long time. An amazing adventure for body and soul.

The Dead Sea is so salty that it pushes the body to the surface. It is recommended not to “swim” on your belly to avoid choking. I tried a drop of water and I felt sick. This water is very bitter and just disgusting. But it has a lot of minerals and elements that are healthy for the body and such a bath has a very positive and cleansing effect.

Important sign I’ve seen at the beach – do not shave before entering the water. The skin begins to pinch a little without it, so I can’t even imagine what must happen after shaving / depilation …

Of course, you can take a newspaper or book and take an iconic touristic photo 🙂

If you want to float in the Dead Sea in Jordan, it’s easiest to go to one of the four hotels in the northern part (at the moment). I don’t know how to do it in any other way because you need a shower after swimming. In addition, in hotels you can take advantage of spa treatments and have a black mud body mask which also has great value.

If you can’t swim, you can def do it here 🙂

Actually, it’s not the sea at all, it’s a lake. It is also the lowest point on Earth. Access to the sea is from Jordan and Israel. Salt concentration is so high that there is no life in it, hence the name. There are no fish or any other creatures in it. In the Jordanian mountains near the lake you can visit the Dead Sea geological museum, which is really interesting. Over the thousands of years, the lake has had many names, and the level of its water is changing, in recent years it has been decreasing significantly due to environmental changes. That is why it is so important that we all care about the Earth the best we can, as we do not want such places to disappear …

The Dead Sea.
The Dead Sea mud spa 🙂
The Dead Sea floating
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