Why do you travel?

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It is a question worth asking yourself, because thanks to the answer, you will get to the places you really like.

I am often asked if I recommend going somewhere. “Where should I go? What’s the best destination?”

It all depends on why you want to travel and what do you enjoy.

I myself travel to see nature and meet interesting people – different cultures. It is important for me to break stereotypes. I also like to “theme travel” which is discovering the essence of a place and express it via clothes, costumes, activities. I’m interested in ancient civilizations, although I didn’t like the history at school and I do not really enjoy museums. I am happy when I try something new to eat (vegan) and I can include it later on my menu. I like to try new things and activities which are ethical (not harmful for animals and environment).

Everyone is different and has own taste. If you discover your own, then you do not travel to popular and instagramable places which are boring and not impressive to you.

If there is a fascinating place you were dreaming about for a long time, go there. Don’t worry that everyone goes to Paris. If you heard that “there” can be dangerous, check it carefully, because it is often not true, it can be a drama created by the media. If you fancy going somewhere and you love pizza, go to Italy and enjoy the original Italian pizza in a charming restaurant. If you love lakes, go to the nearest one and enjoy it. If you love books, go to Oxford libraries and enjoy them. There is an amazing place for everyone.

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