Are you a hero? Heroine?

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Social Media is full of shocking information about cruelty, aggression, etc., but posting them is not changing world for the better. 

Quite the opposite, it only builds the negative side.

So today I would like to tell you a story of how people are wonderful💛

This cute fluffy girl almost died twice. 

She was born in poor conditions and got sick, but my friends has taken care of her. They gave her home, the best care and tons of love. After long convalescence she became happy and strong, but another accident happened. Long story short, in the middle of the night they were calling doctors asking for help and drove hundreds kilometres to save her. 

Some people where telling that they are crazy. But they are heros IMHO💥

How many heroes like them we have and situations like this, but we never heard of it cause internet prefers to shock. Let’s change it.

Malvina Dunder with love to planet Earth. Travel adventures & conscoius living. Blog podróżniczy, świadome życie, z miłości do planety Ziemi
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