Everyone wants to travel, until they learn what it takes…

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Everyone loves the idea of ​​vacation, but not everyone wants to really travel, leave a good job just to travel for some time, not sleep for 40 hours to get somewhere.

Like everything, traveling has its pros and cons. Not everyone has to like and want to travel. The most important thing is to break the routine. Go out into nature, not necessarily to the remote place.

I always come from a “vacation” physically exhausted. Once I went to the Balearic Island to a hotel with the “all inclusive” option, the plan was good, I was supposed to lie flat on the beach and just relax, but nothing like this happened, because I was too busy with adventures and as usual I came back from that vacation tired.

Another time in Greece, when my partner after being awake for over 35 hours was driving a car, I suddenly woke up when we were driving off the road and heading someone’s garden… My scream awakened him and we barely avoided a car accident.

Flight delays, incomprehensible schedules, lost luggage, long search for food that suits you, lack of control over certain matters, planning, unexpected surprises and situations – that exhausts many people and is a real test. For example, you rent a scooter, and it turns out that the roads on the island (or lack of them) are in so bad condition, that it would be better and safer to ride a quad… and sometimes you have no way to find it out before. 

In my opinion, ferry ports, stations and sometimes airports are one of the worst places, people often behave in a rude way. Generally, I don’t like large groups of people and crossings such places is usually very exhausting for me. I lock myself in my bubble, but sometimes I’m close to getting irritated.

There are of course different forms of travelling, you can for example choose to be transported from the hotel to a tourist attractions with a guide so the possibility of any problems or unexpected situations is limited, as someone else deals with them instead of you. 

Traveling often just isn’t so comfortable and relaxing. But the reward at the end of the road can be priceless, e.g. a beautiful, wild, deserted beach or the discovery of a huge, magical tree in the middle of the jungle.

All these discomforts are also part of the journey and it’s easiest to accept them. Do not fight and stress about it, but take as a test building your character or as an adventure.

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