“The Ballet Makeup” book & e-book Malvina Dunder

My long-awaited book “The Ballet Makeup” is now available in e-book and paper.

It took so long, because I was looking for the best publisher. And I’m picky 🤭 As you probably know, not established author should not be picky. But I was and it caused some challenges. After all, I’m glad to reject crappy offers and to wear my crown proudly 👸🏼😉

The book is about makeup in professional ballet, which is very unique. A bit of ballet history, costumes and information about famous dancers, fashion and art. The book contains many photos. We share our knowledge and experience as a classical ballet dancer and make-up artist.

Makijaż sceniczny baletowy. Jak zrobić makijaż baletowy. Nauka makijażu, podręcznik.
“Makijaż Sceniczny” baletowy M&M Dunder
Malvina Dunder with love to planet Earth. Travel adventures & conscoius living. Blog podróżniczy, świadome życie, z miłości do planety Ziemi
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