Loneliness at the end of the world?

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What makes you want to live in some place and feel good there?

Why do you feel lonely in some places?

Many people who travel for a long time or move away, experience feelings of emptiness and loneliness. They talk about missing their friends and family but the irony of the feeling loneliness is that we can experience it in the crowd (figuratively speaking). Of course, it is easier being with our partner, but if you think about it, you will notice that the feeling of loneliness comes from the inside (from ourselves), not the outside (surrounding).

“The irony of loneliness is that we all feel it at the same time. Together.” Rupi Kaur

Many people I know, feel lonely. I do feel lonely sometimes. And there are 7,5 bilion people in the world.

So we can conclude that loneliness is a psychological rather than a physical matter. And the good news is that if the issue is within us – we can change it.

We can learn to be in silence. We can get to know ourselves, think about our beliefs (if they are true and support us), discover our talents (it’s a never ending process) and a way to use them, update our definition of happiness, focus on and take care of ourselves (physically and mentally), and so on.

And after that, we could consider whether the place fully suits us in terms of the area, people, restaurants, gyms, weather, etc.

When we build a house within ourselves and learn again that the whole Earth is our home, because we are actually “Earthlings”, we will feel better. And when we get to a negative place where we feel bad, we would know that it is just not the right place for us, not a loneliness.

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