How to deal with hate on the Internet?

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Have you ever had a dilemma what to do with weird or negative comments on your Social Media or with a strange message?

I used to have, but quickly realised that this is my place, I create it, I manage it, I am responsible for it, and I decide about the quality, so if something appears that is not compatible with my values, I delete it.

I know that many of us are struggling with this so-called “hate” phenomenon on the Internet. Maybe you create and promote beautiful make-ups, you like photography, create some kind of art or run your bunny’s Instagram, and you see an unpleasant comment that spread like a toxin into the mind. This is the moment to stop and deliberately remove it from the comments and your own thoughts. Even if such a comment has a bit of truth, it can be written in a motivating, not a mean way. Everyone has the “unfollow” button and can use it as they like. It’s really not worth wasting time watching things and people we don’t like.

I have been criticised countless times in the past, but I have very long experience in this subject, so I’ve learned how to deal with it. Of course, sometimes I feel unpleasant, unfairly treated and hurt, I’m a human being after all. But I cannot allow this to rob me from time, energy and good mood. We cannot control other people, however we can control ourselves and our reaction. It just take practise 🙂

If you don’t like something, just take away its only power – your attention.
More in the post “The power of attention.

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