No, not this right! The other right ;-)

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I have traveled half of the world even though my navigation skill is terrible.

It means that we don’t have to be super skilled to travel on our own (without a tour guide).

I often confuse directions and can’t read the map. But solo travel is a great practice, because if you have to, then you just have to, and you have no other choice than embrace the lesson 🙂 No one will help you. You have to focus 100%, make a few mistakes and remember not to repeat them 🙂

When I explain to someone location of some place, I say, “on the right and down, when you look at a map”…

The worst for me are the maps on the phone, because when we rotate it, the map also rotates and I still don’t know where to go. So the best are ancient paper maps that you can turn as you like. Once, on a road trip with my friend in a big, foreign city, she was a driver and I had to use all my power to guide us. I didn’t want to stress her even more, so under the pressure of the situation, I gained more practice and became a way better with navigation.

Fortunately, not all the classrooms have four walls. The best ones where you can learn the most, are outside, in the world.

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