Pack smart, not hard.

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Does packing make you panic?

It used to take o lot of time for me to pack, I was packing way too much, and still I didn’t look good 😉 Of course, it all depends on the destination, whether we have to take thick sweaters or a few tiny tops.

A few years ago I discovered that people can travel light and be happy 🙂

You can go for a trip with a backpack or other hand luggage, like a small suitcase, have everything you need in it, and on top of that, can move easily and make decisions spontaneously. Traveling with light luggage is just more pleasant. All you need to do is choose smart your clothes and cosmetics.

I once read, before my first trip to Thailand, a terrifying advice to take for vacation old and used clothing, which you wouldn’t mind getting damaged etc. My advice is quite the opposite: take only your favourite, best and most beautiful clothes and celebrate every minute. It’s a shame to take things we don’t like and save nice ones for some “occasion”. Now is the best time to celebrate it, and the more we feel gratitude – the more good we attract. The better we feel – the “better” we attract. Even if you are going for a survival, dress so that you feel good. The point is not to have only clothing from the best brands, all from the latest collection, but to pack a few nice things that we like very much. If you fancy, dress a ball gown on a mountain top, take a picture as a beautiful memory or post it to give others a reason for criticism and jealousy 😉 anyway, they will do it, whether we make our dream come true or not. Certainly, there will also be those who will take a look with pleasure and feel inspired.

Many people think that I travel with a large suitcase, but this is completely different from reality. It happened that I had to take a normal suitcase, when the weather requires packing jackets and some larger things. Most often, however, it is a carry-on (a backpack / hand luggage). On many occasions, even men admired my small luggage, I think during every trip I meet people surprised with the small size of it. Of course, women’s panties and tops take up a way less space than men’s and thus we can pack more of them 🙂

Here are some tips to pack smart, not hard:

  • Rolling clothes instead of traditional folding is often much better. Clothes are less creased and often can be better arranged in the luggage.
  • Underwear made of quick-drying, good-quality materials can be easily washed in a hotel and it is dry in the morning (e.g. micro available in probably every store).
  • An idea of a capsule wardrobe can be great for travel or everyday life. There is a lot of inspiration on the internet, and you can explore the subject.
  • It’s worth taking small accessories that take up little space, but add an interesting touch to your outfit.
  • There are laundries almost everywhere in the world, and hotels offer this service as well, so you don’t have to take different outfits for every day of the trip. It is worth thinking about it, especially if we are going for 2 weeks or longer.
  • Multifunctional cosmetics are great, because they save a lot of space and the amount of liquid in hand luggage is limited to 100 ml in a bottle. E.g. using one oil for different purposes (face, body, hair).
  • Bar/solid shampoos are more efficient than 100 ml liquid. There are also hair conditioners in a bar, but it’s better to try it out if it is good for your hair.
  • If you do not want to take a few pairs of shoes and you are going to a warm country, you can buy sandals / flip flops / shoes like Melissa, that is, high quality jelly shoes. Opinions about the environmental aspect of the brand are varied, but shoes are recyclable and “cruelty free”. You can have them for many years, take a shower and walk outside, so it’s a good option.
  • a scarf is multifunctional and useful accessories. You can tuck yourself on an airplane, dress on the beach or by the pool, cover your hair or face in the sun, put it on sand or grass and lie down comfortably (or in dirty places that we do not want to touch), cover our legs or arms when entering the temple, put on the head under a helmet when renting a scooter (if we think the helmet inside is disgusting :-))
  • check the type of outlet / plugs in the country we are going to. If they are different, then you can buy a multi-standard sockets.
  • Powerbank gives a lot of comfort and you do not have to worry that our phone will die and you will not be able to do something important, e.g. show an airline ticket.
  • Books in e-book format can be read on the phones or other devices. This saves weight of your luggage and many trees.

You can share your tips in the comments 🙂

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