Pets adoption.

Malvina Dunder Pets adoption. Thailand, beach, stray dogs. Adopcja zwierzaków. Plaża, Tajlandia, bezpańskie psy.

Pets adoption is a great way to add a new family member and we highly recommend it. If you have a story related to the topic, you can share in the comment, we’d be happy to hear it 🙂 If we have no way to create a home for an animal, and we want to somehow help them, we can donate or send food to pet shelters. Every little bit counts.

My story is that I just wanted to see two cats in the shelter, ginger and grey ones (btw I used to think that I’m a dog person and a bunny person the most). When I was there, two black kittens came up to me and chose me as their owner, or I should say a servant 😉

Two young black “dots”, sick, smelly, hurt. I am an expert with many years of experience with bunny rabbits, I do not know cats at all, but we are doing well.

It took several weeks before they healed and stopped eating in panic or fighting for food. One cat is still distant and distrustful with people, but we have a very good relationship with each other. The other cat is chilled and constantly raises his forehead to get a kiss.

When I was 6, like every child, I dreamed about a pet and after negotiations with my parents I succeeded. They went to the zoo to get a rabbit, because they were not available in pet stores at the time. Later, when I was older, my parents told me that there were about 50 rabbits in a small cage at the zoo and they were fighting for a carrot. In the corner sat a bitten, wounded, emaciated rabbit lacking some parts of its fur. So they chose this one, out of pity and on the way back began to wonder if they had done the right thing, bringing animal in such condition to a little girl… When I saw her, I fell in love at first sight and did not even see any flaws. 

Most of my life I had bunny rabbits that lived about 9 years. If they are treated like a dog or a cat, that’s how they behave. They have space to develop and show their personality. However, when kept in a cage, they are like hamsters (no offence to hamsters). The rabbit can be raised and walk around the apartment all day (I can’t even imagine that it could be different and my heart hurts when I see animals in small cages). At night he can go to his house, lie down on some hay, just as we go to bed.

The more attention and love we give to a pet, the more we get in return.

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”
Mark Twain 😉

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