Why I don’t like tattoos and why I did this…

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I believe that everyone is an artist and leaves a piece of themselves in everything that create, some energy you might call it. Therefore, I would never want to have a painting at home made by a depressed artist, even the greatest work of art created by an iconic painter. I would prefer a colorful picture made by a child.

I believe that everything we do has an impact on the surroundings. That’s why the tattoo matter is complicated for me. It’s like with the example above, only the painting can be get rid off or cash in, but the tattoo not really.

Anyway, we are constantly changing, developing, which is why I know that a given symbol / image may be limiting for me after some time. We grow out of some clothes, hairstyles, colors and grow out of images in the same way.

If I also treat my body like a temple, take care of it, eat the best food, exercise, then I won’t shoot anything on it. Out of respect for my own body, for myself.

Sometimes, when I travel for a long time, I have an idea for a tattoo and I’m thinking to make such a souvenir from a place or situation. There are people who have a beautifully tattooed whole body or only one but significant symbol meaningful to them. I like it sometimes.

That is why I decided on a slightly different tattoo form, e.g. Inkbox, which is not permanent. Let’s say that it works like tattoos that we had as children, but of better quality.

An interesting experience that I highly recommend is henna body painting, preferably in a country with a long tradition of beautifying body this way, as a part of unforgettable journey and adventure.

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