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Driving a car in some countries could be… let’s use the word – challenging 😉 

Many times I was warned about driving in some foreign country that I was travelling to, because the road traffic regulations are not so respected as in Europe, but there are also some advantages.

If you are not the best and most experienced driver like myself, and you happen to make sometimes some strange things on the road – no one would really pay any special attention to you. If strange behaviours on the road are something normal, then you are just one of many doing this. It’s a lot of pressure is off your back 🙂 

Of course this also means, that you need to have eyes around your head, to be able to react to all those strange and often unexpected behaviours on the road. 

I think I’ve seen already everything, such as: many people in one car (inside and outside, on the roof etc.), sudden changes of directions, lanes or roads, overtaking the car that is in the middle of overtaking other car, driving fast and crazy on cliff roads, overtaking in a tunnel and many more…

Anyway, I find driving a car in foreign countries with questionable traffic behaviour reputation as yet another adventure 🙂 And I think it is a great way to discover new place, to be able to drive where and when you feel like, and sometimes get lost or disappear between the local drivers and feel more blended in when cruising trough new lands and cities. But it is maybe not the best thing to do if you don’t feel confident behind the wheel. 

Car rental tips for travellers:

  • I’m usually using rentalcars.com, it’s probably the most popular in the world, kind of like booking for accommodation, so I just feel safer.
    In some places you won’t be able to use this app (eg. some exotic small islands), then you have no choice but finding other websites, but usually it’s not a problem. Trip advisor is always worth visiting.
  • I’m not really sure what is the best advise regarding the price, like with many situations in life, often the cheapest option is not really the best, and could end up being either more expensive than promised or more stressful or uncomfortable for different reasons.
  • Check reviews – on the booking website or trust “pilot”, just few of them at least, before booking a car, you mind find some useful info that could save you some unwanted situations.
  • Known brand – choosing globally known brands is always safer as they have some similar procedures and standards, doesn’t matter which country, but I also like to support local businesses instead of global corporations so this one is tricky for me, and I decide case by case, as the cars are expensive, and safety in general (yours, your mind and wallet) is important.
  • Check the car before driving, make many pictures of each side and a video, and later do the same thing before returning it.
  • Drive safely and don’t eat too much in the car 🙂
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