Shiny is our favourite color ;-) Color Theory by Malvina Dunder

“The Seasonal Color Analysis” M & M Dunder

Margo likes shiny in general (literally and figuratively speaking), I like when a person shines from within surrounded by the right colors.

The society is dominated by fashion and constantly changing trends. This is ok, but not if we are looking for our style in magazines instead of in ourselves.

If we follow new tends we might end up looking like this:

We have a cool, new hairstyle, but in a few years if we see a photo from this time, we will feel ashamed; we are dressed in the colors of this season that make us look tired or older than we are; we have the perfect instagram makeup that changes the features of our face and people will not recognize us without it.

We can change the approach and do something like this:

If my hair has a wavy structure, then let my hairstyle be feminine and actually very simple, no short, asymmetrical cuts that are incompatible with their nature and I would have to constantly style, straighten it, and thereby destroy, waste my time.

I check the colors of my beauty and complement them with clothes in similar colors. Thanks to this, everything matches, I look fresh, like the best version of myself. I feel good, I am in harmony and I am surrounded by such internal glow that is difficult to describe, but visible. In addition, my clothes are timeless, elegant you could say, even if it is not a white shirt, they look good and when I see the picture in a few years, it will also be good, because it’s just the background of my beauty.

From all the huge hustle and bustle of cosmetics, great “must haves” makeup palettes, I only choose what is best for me, which emphasizes my most beautiful facial features, thanks to which I look like me in a beautiful, healthy way. People recognise me with makeup and without it, and I feel good with myself, because I’m not trying to change myself into someone I am not.

If you see the difference in it and opt for the second option, then you will certainly find many tips on how to do it in our book “The Seasonal Color Analysis”.

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