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How to bargain like a professional blog Malvina Dunder

How is your price negotiation skill? Mine is really bad, I cannot even contain myself when I see something beautiful, which means I break rule no 1 from every guidebook. Therefore I’ve learned to bargain in my own way as I can’t support the whole world and I don’t want anyone to take advantage of who I am. I know that there are more warm and empathetic people, yet with strong boundaries who will not fight over anything but also will not allow anyone to cross the line.

Price negotiations are not easy for me because I see two opposite sides and always try to keep the balance. I see people who only look for a prey like a human being doesn’t matter to them, treat tourists only like a walking bag of money. I also see the other side where tourist bargain like sharks over sums like one euro which is very often “nothing” for them, but way more meaningful for “the locals”.

In some countries there are fixed prices, but in many others there’s a tradition of price negotiation so it is expected from you to bargain, therefore don’t think like you’re doing something strange. If you don’t feel comfortable and avoid it, you may end up feeling used and it’s definitely not nice. Depending on the place, a first price you hear could be increased 20% or 20 times (notice: hear the price, it is not shown).

When I see something I like, I say “it’s so beautiful!” and maybe even say that “I love so many things from your shop”. When a sales man/ woman gives me sky-high price, I just say “I don’t know / I will think about it” so they would start lowering the price. If I hear that this item is the best quality and they cannot lower it, I say “I understand that or that’s ok “ smile and walk away, but they always give me more reasonable number. You can always make a puppy face, I’ve mastered it long time ago (learned it from my bunny Panthera) and it always works 😉

This guide is more for people who don’t feel comfortable with bargaining, are not used to it, and for all kinds of unicorn riders🦄 Not for down to earth, logical, business oriented people 🙂

Almost everyone will advise you to stay in the opposition to a sales man, f. eks. He is telling you that this product is the best, you say that it is not so good, so you would both meet the half way with the price. Maybe it works for some people but not for me. All I think when I hear it, is that why would I be interested in something I consider not good… so instead I agree with the sales man. I would confirm that it’s the best quality / I love it / it is worth the high price. But if I don’t want to pay the price, I would just add that I don’t know yet / it’s not in my budget or something like this.
I stay true to myself, show that I’m honest, not playing games, and I don’t have to pretend anything. Anyway I don’t think it would work when my eyes are big and shiny🤩 Also it creates a friendly atmosphere which is very important for me because I’m always curious about people from other countries and love to know more about them.


  • Try to get an overall view of the prices in order to asses how high is the price or read on the trip advisor how much it supposed to be.
  • Check the currency – how much it is comparing to the currency you use or know best. Then figure out for yourself the formula that you can easily remember.
  • Don’t show your cash, divide it and put it in different pockets.
  • Be prepared that in some places, super sweet kids will come to you and try to sell you some small things like postcard, magnets, shells, and so on. I’m warning, they are really cute. But if for some reasons, you don’t want to buy anything, you can always purchase in advance some sweets or small things in a local shop and share with them (this way you also support the local business).
  • There are steps in the bargain tradition, so if you ended the conversation with no positive result and sadly walking away, don’t think it is over 😉 No, it is often just a first power display 🙂
  • You can always say that you saw the same thing / tour or whatever it is, way cheaper in the other place – the more detail you will add (like an amount, place, person) the more chance you have to get a reasonable price.
  • Very often sales man will tell you everything to make a bond with you, lets say will ask where do you come from and then add that his wife is originally from this country too. She probably is not, it is just a part of making a bond so you will feel more attached to do the shopping in this place. Don’t go into details 😉 if you like the guy just do the shopping, if not pass on.
  • Sometimes you can get a reasonable price when there’s no other tourists around, no one is listening your negotiations. (don’t be loud when bargain;-))
  • Use this knowledge wisely, don’t be stingy 🙂

Of course it all sounds easy but in the heat of the moment you may get confused and make surprising decisions even for yourself 😉 especially in places where the air is filled with beautiful aroma, there’s many magical bottles, you feel fascinated by the mysterious oils and herbs, you can’t tell what’s inside because everything is written in the foreign alphabet, shiny objects are mesmerising you…
So just be patient & loving with yourself and practise, practise, practise!

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