JOMO & FOMO explained

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I guess, you’ve hear about the FOMO plague accelerated by Social Media. But have you heard about the JOMO?

Fomo is a fear of missing out, which works more or less like this: you check your IG, see many beautiful pictures and get caught by it. You never really liked hot and sunny places but you’ve seen so many popular pictures from Bali that now, you want to go there. People are at the party, looking so happy on the pics and you don’t want to miss it out. Your friends are climbing Mount Everest and you feel anxiety that your life is worse, although you don’t even like winter activities.
Another examples: you don’t care about brands, but now you want a chanel bag. You like your car, but driving the red one is more popular.

So you feel down because you cannot be in all those places in the same time and cannot have all those things at once.

Basically, you’re not living your life purpose out of fear of missing out all those things.

It happens when people compare their lives with highlights of others.

JOMO on the other hand, means joy of missing out. It happens when you know your life’s purpose and what is a distraction. You do not compare your whole life with a one picture of someone else’s life. You just enjoy being right here and now.

Social Media is not bad in general, but it is often used in a bad way and conscious living is a key to find a balance.

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