Just scooting aroundÔÇŽ One of the best activities­čŤÁ

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The first time we dared to rent a scooter with my beloved one was in Java Indonesia and we quickly realized that we should have done it long before. Of course, everyone is different and knows his capabilities best, but if you are drawn to it ÔÇô you should give it a try.

It’s so great to just drive around, even without a purpose, and stop wherever you feel like it. It could became an addiction, and you might end up like Asian people, driving barefoot or wearing flip-flops to the store at the end of the street ­čśë In Asia there is often no pedestrian walkways at all, everyone is on a scooter.

There are of course some challenges, which is getting used to their way of driving and overall behavior on the streets, such as “who is bigger ÔÇô goes first”, or honking way more than it’s needed. Sometimes there is just no rules, or maybe there are but no one seems to care and view of someone driving the wrong way is quite normal…

Also number of scooters and vehicles on the streets could be challenging, there is so many of them, you’re surrounded. And you have to get used to they way of honking all the time, but it’s not aggressive but more like: ÔÇťattention, I’m driving and braking all the rules and won’t stop, I don’t really look at others and letting you all know so youÔÇÖd see meÔÇŁ.

If you drive a lot as a passenger and are not careful, you may have a slight burn on your calves from the exhaust pipe. When you’re standing in the first row of scooters on the traffic lights, you can feel quite big pressure from all the ones behind you (so you will start driving like on F1 once the signal turns green or even sooner), and if you’re trying to get on your scooter during daytime, you usually feel burning fire from the hot seat that was warmed by the sunÔÇŽ

I have seen many times female tourist driving scooter and I have to say, I admire them very much. For now, I feel safer outside the city, driving an e-bike (electric scooter) or preferably like a Tarsier (kind of a tiny monkey) stuck to the back of my Beloved, who is a great driver.

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