Take the unbeaten path, rewrite your story and change your life now.

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“Normality is a paved road, it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it” Vincent Van Gogh

Do you always take the same paved road and keep repeating the same pattern?

We often repeat some beliefs for years, but is it really true when you stop and think about it?

Let’s say, you say most of your life that you don’t like buck wheat, but do you? Or maybe you tried it when you were a child? Or tried it cooked the way you don’t like? Or you were in a bad mood when you tried it? Or maybe you were in a different phase of your life when you didn’t like any new taste? 

So is it possible that if you would try it now, you would like it?

Some people always repeat things like “I always have a bad luck”, “It never works for me”, “I will never …”, “It always happens to me”. How to break this vicious circle are write a new story? 

Do you see when people have these “old stories”, also called the old beliefs that usually comes from the old wounds? Maybe your friend had it? What did you do? Listened, took care of that person the way you could, offered chocolate or a hug, said nice things, tried to focus on the positive sides… Now, it is your turn – do it for yourself. Become your best friend.

I’m sure you’ve heard milion times to love yourself, but what does it mean? I was thinking that I love myself, I care for myself, buy myself high quality food, read good books, exercise, and so on, but still many things didn’t work out for me, but I kept on walking in this direction, observing and practising.

Every time you feel bad about yourself or some past experience, every time you judge yourself or others, every time you think, do or say something in an old way – you may tell yourself “ I love this part of me, it is just my mind trying to protect me from feeling hurt, but I am in control now and I decide what is good or not good for me.” These words can be changed as you like. You can really feel the shift when you repeat it many times. This is rewriting your story that is leading to the life much better for you.

We walk through different experiences, not necessary good or pleasant, we hear and learn things from various people which might be good for them but not for us… If we are covered with other people’s beliefs and our old painful  stories, we cannot shine from within

Most people live a “normal” life, which is more or less like this: they go to work they complain about, come back tired and watch negative TV series or news, feel unfulfilled, therefore buy things for money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. Do something only because it is a tradition. Judge others to feel better about themselves. Try to control others to feel that they have control over their lives. Babble with no end to feel important and listened. Go on a winter vacation to a popular place in the mountains even if they don’t like cold.

We can always make a different choice, we can evolve or repeat.

Healing could not be easy, it’s a matter of choice and work, but it gives us a chance to start a new story and transform our life for the one we truly deserve.

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