Tanzania – the gem stone of Africa.

Safari camp Malvina Dunder

Tanzania is mostly known for safari, Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa, which makes it one of the seven summits, colorful Maasai tribe, mesmerising purple-blue gem stones called tanzanites, and “hakuna matata”, which is not only a saying but also a lifestyle 😉

The name “Tanzania” was created in around 1964 when the union of Tanganyika (mainland) and Zanzibar (the island) was created. 

Pronounced: ”Tanzan nee a” and “Tan zay nia” (both correct).

My trip to Tanzania started in Dubai, I had a ticket printed in advance at the airport with Emirates Airline logo, so I went to their exclusive airport. To my surprise, I could not find any information about my flight on the board and got a panic attack 😉 Finally, some lady said that it is strange because they don’t have any flight to Kilimanjaro at all, and figured out that it must be their other airline called FlyDubai from the other airport… Weird thing, and I’m writing about it, so you would know it could happen. Btw this airline is definitely not like the Emirates.

The most important thing to do is slow down. Time here runs slower than you might be used to 😉 Everywhere you here “hakuna mata” which means no worries, no problem. For years, I thought that only Pumbaa says that. I like it, and think we should take and example from this lifestyle, worry less and make no drama, but it takes time to readjust.

One of the most popular activities is the Kilimanjaro hike that takes around one week for people who don’t know how their body will react in a high altitude. There is less oxygen in higher parts and it takes time to adapt. Kili is very high (5,895 m), but not difficult to climb, that’s why people from all over the world come here. I was very excited to find out that our safari guide is also Kilimanjaro guide for more than 20 years and he shared interesting stories and facts with us, like you can spent on the peak maximum 15 minutes because of the oxygen and cold. He also added that very often he asks people “what’s your name”, and they are not able to answer! This is what lack of oxygen does to a human body. One of the symptoms of altitude sickness is getting cranky and complaining. If you sit for a whole day in a room without oxygen circulation, it works the same! We hear milion times that it is good to go out and breath a fresh air, but I’ve never taken it that seriously before🤓

Safari is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I recommend everyone to do it. If you would like to read more about safari click here:

The Maasai are nomads known for their unique culture and appearance. For years considered fearsome hunters and warriors, who nowadays show their strength by jumping the highest they can, and they are really good at it. Wear a colourful clothes and a rungu, which is a wooden stick. Maasai women shave their heads and wear jewellery made with million colourful beads. I noticed that some of them have scarified body and face, also stretched lobe piercings. Women usually carry stuff on their heads and sometimes walk for kilometres for water. I was told that if I would try water they drink, I would probably get sick or worse, but they are fine. They believe that burring dead people in soil is poisoning it, so instead they have a “predator burial” which is leaving corpses for the scavengers. They are only people allowed to live in some national parks. 

There are two wealth indicators in this culture, the number of kids and cattle. I was trying to write it in a better way, but this is how it is😅 I visited a village where a man had around 30 wives, 80 children and 320 grandchildren… Yes, the numbers are not a mistake. In a traditional place like this, a man lives in a hut in the center and his wives around it, in separate huts. There’s also a fence protecting from wild animals at night, so it looks more like a village than a regular household. 

I made a pole on my Instagram asking about this subject and majority of people chose the answered “one wife is enough🥵”, and 33% “I’m jealous”😉

The most important words in Swahili / Kiswahili language:
Jumbo – Hello
Hakuna matata – no worries
Pole Pole – slow
Rafiki – friend
Habari yako – how are you?
Nzuri – good
Sawa sawa – ok
Asante (sana) – thank you (very much)
Kwaheri – goodbye

I used to think when I was looking at the map that Dar es Salaam sounds so exotic and it must be such a great experience to go there… I could NOT be more wrong. It is a dry, crowded city with many expensive hotels that are not good quality. It was only my transit city, but I’ve heard from other travellers that there’s not much to do. My advice: don’t waste your time there. Tanzania is huge and amazing, there’s plenty better places to be.

With Arusha is the same, it is just the closeted big city to all safari parks.

Zanzibar is a small island close to the mainland which can be reached by ferry or a tiny airplane where you can sit next to the pilot! (If you buy a ticket in the first row). If you want know more about the famous turquoise water and doors of Zanzibar, read in the separate post.

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