Top 10 things to do in Paris (anti-guide)

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I’ve noticed that people are very serious about trip to Paris and there are so many places to visit that instead of enjoying, people run with a to-do list like crazy just to mark “checked” attraction, one by one…. 

I will not give you the popular “must see” places list because it depends on your preferences in my humble opinion, but I can give you an advise to slow down and enjoy every moment because staring at people could be more interesting than staring at Mona Lisa for 15 seconds in a crowd of tourists behaving in a very strange or even insane way…

Top things to do in Paris:

  1. Kiss.
  2. Skoot around 🛴
  3. You can do both in the same time, it’s funny.
  4. Stare at interesting people.
  5. Eat a baguette.
  6. Drink champagne or a tea like me (not that fancy but taste better).
  7. Say “j’adore”.
  8. Think about which shape of a mustache you would like to have, if you could.
  9. Pose like a sculpture to feel the vibe.
  10. Buy your cats royal pillows with their portraits wearing crowns.
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