Travel tips for moms and families.

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This is a post that was initiated by Joanna – creator of the4mombrand, who is a mom of two, a professional makeup artist and stylist, who created her clothing company to help other women. I love her approach, which shows that a woman can always look attractive, elegant, simple and classy, and even comfortable at the same time! Joanna is also great at  the color theory and uses her knowledge for this purpose.

Travel tips for moms and families.

When Joanna – a committed mother and businesswomen, owner of the 4mom company, asked me about the best places to go on vacation for mothers or the whole families, I thought about specific places for a moment, but then I came to the conclusion that everyone has so different needs and preferences, that I can’t just point a specific direction. The world is extremely diverse, beautiful and it gives us all many opportunities. You just need to think about your preferences, answer yourself what kind of place or trip give you the biggest joy, excitement and organize such trip.  

Personally, I travel solo or with my partner and we organize everything ourselves. I write the most interesting locations down and information on how to get there (mostly from the Internet, sometimes I’d buy a guide book). This is usually not a strict plan. For some people however, good choice would be to take a guided tour, as this way they will be able to enjoy their holiday in a most convenient way. There are also options like round trips allowing to visit many places, instead of spending all vacation in one place. Hotels with the “all inclusive” option, could be a great option for families with children. There are also “guest houses” where you can get to know other travellers and you are less anonymous than in a hotel. In addition to tourist offices, we have many well-known travellers who organise trips, which could be very interesting and unique experience.

It is worth considering what we want to experience and what gives us the greatest joy. For me it is beautiful nature and contact with people that allows me to get closer to their culture. Some feel best in the cities, some want to relax in a hotel with a turquoise pool, others want to spend time in more active way. Maybe you want to combine something useful with pleasure, e.g. by taking part in a cooking classes or going to a place where you can practice yoga and eat healthy food.

There is usually a lot going on when traveling (especially on your own), we encounter surprising and unexpected situations. What could give peace and a sense of security at such moments? Awareness that panicking and trying to control everything gives just an illusion of control. Our attitude is the most important thing. We have no influence on certain matters and it is best to let go. Breathe and trust that we are always in the right place and time. We always have influence on ourselves and it is worth remembering it. Often in everyday and professional life, we tend to plan and control everything, then we go on a dream vacation, and get frustrated when our flight is delayed. We have two options: get angry with the whole world and accuse everyone from the staff of causing it, or think about how we can best use this time and feel gratitude for staying safe.

When we encounter other cultures, we may feel like “judging with our own measure”, based on our background. However it is pointless, because we are all different. Something that does not make any sense to us, can be normal for others, and vice versa. This is what makes the world interesting. If we were all the same, it would be very boring.

I encourage you with all my heart to travel the way you like most. Not the way your friends are travelling, and not necessarily too popular. You don’t have to go to the other side of the globe for 2 weeks once a year to regenerate and refill optimism. There is no reason to postpone happiness. You can go to the lake for one day, alone or with the whole family. The idea is to break the routine, get away from the crowd and chaos, “re-charge the batteries” and spent more time with beloved.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a traveler to travel 🙂

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