Weekend trips (Europe).

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Is it possible to explore a city within 1-2 days?✔️
Is it worth spending more than a weekend in a city?✔️
Tips how to make it work for you✔️

I hear a lot about friends resigning from taking a weekend trip to a foreign city because it is not enough time, and I would like to show you that it could be a great and “more than enough” option for you. 

I don’t know how about you, but for me cities are often tiring and boring, yet I want to visit many of them in the world. Towns are still on my list for different reasons. Therefore I’ve decided that I will be sightseeing on my own terms, in my pace and in time right for me. I encourage to try it out and take an individual approach.

I know it would be great to go to Paris for 2 weeks, but very often we don’t have so many days and also, is it really worth to spend it in one place? This answer only you know, but if you have some doubts and thoughts that the world is big and you want to see it all, then you will have to find your balance

I love to explore places like deserts, mountains, jungles, tropical island, and this is not possible to make it in a weekend trip for obvious reasons. However you can visit a city in that time, so I’ve decided for myself to use weekend trips for this purpose.

  • It is possible to explore a foreign city within 1-2 days if you make your priority list. 
  • You can buy one or two days tickets to “hop on hop off” buses which is a great option because you will be taken to every touristic place in a town and you decide how long to stay.
  • You can order a theme tour, there’s many options on f.eks. trip advisor.
  • If you love photography and it is important for you, check “the most instagramable places” in the city. Also you may find some secret spots, like rooftops not described in any guide.
  • In many cities there are scooters, bikes and Vespas to rent that can speed up moving around, also make a part of fun activity itself.

Sometimes, the best activity is to get lost in the streets, observe locals and try new flavours. Have fun! Do not worry that the tour agents advise you a minimum one week in a city. Travel in your own way. We don’t have enough life to visit every place in the whole world, so follow your heart. It is the best compass.

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