Crete island

Crete Island Balos beach Malvina Dunder Kreata plaża

This Greek island will always be the place reminding me of olive trees, colourful beaches, lush green gorges, juicy sweet tomatoes, oranges that taste like sun, and my herbal discovery Dittany.

As you probably already know, I love to explore and see as much as possible. I try to sit still in one place, but after a while I feel like the world is calling me for an adventure 🙂 That’s why I chose to travel by car on the east part of the island. If I have more time, I would definitely visit the other side as well. If you’ve been there, let me know how was it in the comments 🙂

Seitan Limania Beach
This magical place is close to the airport and nature made it really impressive. With narrow, curvy street you are driving up to the peak, and down to the parking, and from there you may enjoy the view of the sea on the horizon, and small beach between rocks far below. I cannot imagine this beach during peak season, it’s definitely better to visit early in the morning or in a low season.

Balos lagoon
The road leading to this place shouldn’t be called a road, and many car rentals advise not to go there with their car 😉 It was a few kilometres of bumpy, rocky drive with stops to let the cars from the opposite direction and also to let the crazy jumping funny herds of goats. It very steep and narrow but all this sweat is rewarded with the most amazing turquoise, orange-brick, green sage and shades of blues colors. You can take a walk to the lagoon and small island or hike even further. I’ve heard that the road was like this after the harsh winter, so maybe it’s better now. Anyway, it’s a top place to visit.

It’s a great location to explore itself and to take trips around. 

Elafonisi one of the few pink beaches in the world!

Samaria George 
When I visited Crete it supposed to be warm, but some powerful wind with dust (!) from Africa came and changed my plans, as the famous and large gorge was closed. However, there’s many other canyons and places to hike, and I could easily find a replacement. 

The old town of Chania is really charming and inviting Greek restaurants makes you want to eat every 5 meters…

Cretan food is delicious and you can feel the sun and vitamins 😉 I was surprised at first that Greek cuisine is so abundant with vegan delicious dishes, like fasolakia, spanakopita, dolmadakia, roasted zucchini and eggplant, and many more.

Btw my favourite, one of the bests vegan brands is Violife Greek company form Tesaloniki.

Cretans are very welcoming and friendly people, and they continue tradition of treating a guest with warmth, so you may expect to get a shot of raki in every restaurant and many hotels 🙂 Raki is a strong alcohol made with grapes (but it’s not wine). 

Check out my insta highlights to see more of beautiful Crete Island.

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