Iceland – Aurora, Elves and the coldest cold.

Iceland Aurora Borealis Northern lights, Malvina Dunder zorza polarna islandia

Iceland is a northern island of ice & fire, hot & cold, extreme weather conditions. 

When I was planning a visit, I knew it will be cold, yet I couldn’t imagine this type of coldness… I grew up in a country where in some places in winter you can experience -20 Celsius, and I thought I’m ready to take it. Wearing in my opinion warm winter clothes was not enough though, and if you are going there, prepare not only warm, but also windproof garment. Even though I spent my trip in maximum -5 Celsius outside, it felt different to me, more windy and maybe humid. No joke, this cold is super cold!

It was February as there is a high chance to see Aurora Borealis, which was on my bucket list for years. I downloaded the app that shows the Northern light forecast and was restlessly checking it every day and night. It was showing only 20% chances to see it… However one evening something magical happened, literally and metaphorically speaking. I fell asleep early and woke up after having a vivid dream that Aurora will be at 23.30, so I jumped out from the bed, and told my boyfriend that we have to go soon because I had a dream. He was not even surprised, sighted and went out as he enjoys exploring the world (not because he got excited about my dream like me😅). Suddenly it appeared, the most mesmerising dance of colours on the sky. Emerald green swirling with purple flame leaving me speechless in awe

Iceland is a country that respects Elves and other creatures of nature, so called hidden-people in Icelandic language, and do not destroy their places while building roads, houses or factories. Human and elves lives in peace, and nature is protected.

Iceland Elves Malvina Dunder Islandia elfy
The town of Elves

A person from Iceland advised me & my boyfriend to rent a regular car for our trip around the Island, so we did, and then the winter of the century came, snow storm and extreme wind. The roads were closed and we got stuck for a few hours in scary weather conditions. The only cars that were driving were with huge, like really huge tires (taller than me). The wind and snow were pulling us away from the road, even though my bf was driving 10km/h. I was happy that he was a driver, if I were alone, I would cry, and call to ask for a helicopter. Or a teleport 😉

Regardless the extreme wether conditions I was able to see many amazing places and outstanding nature near Reykjavik area. I’d love to go back here one day to explore more, probably in warmer season this time…

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