Philippines the country of thousands tropical islands.

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Philippines is a country consisting of about 7,641 islands! Most of them tropical, beautiful, with amazing beaches and coconut palms, sounds like a paradise? It definitely is a paradise to explore, but how to make a plan when you are overwhelmed by the choices… I will show you my trip and it may help you to create your perfect itinerary.

My first choice was Boracay that is so popular that the government closed the island for one year to rebuild flora & fauna and give it a break. No wonder, because the turquoise water surrounding the island is mesmerising. One coast is full of wide beaches, restaurants, and places to chill, while the other is perfect for kite surfers. 

You can also become a mermaid like I did in Boracay Mermaid Academy:

On the Bohol island you can visit interesting place called Chocolate Hills which is around 50 square kilometres of green grass hills that turn brown during the dry season, hence the name. It became a National Geological Monument located in the central part of the island (in Carmen). The origin of the cone and dome shape hills is unknown, but the legends include giants work. Under the grass, there is a limestone. I think it is a very interesting topic and if you have some theory, let me know and write in the comment 🙂

Bohol island is a home for tiny, fluffy, cute creatures with huge eyes called tarsiers. They are shy and nocturnal tree huggers that have to live in their natural habitat. If captivated, they may commit a suicide. 

I visited Tarsier Conservation Area where you had a pathway in the jungle and could spot sleepy tarsiers on the branches. There was a person standing every 5 meters to make sure that everyone was quiet and no one using a camera flash (unfortunately some tourists had to be repeatedly asked for it). It is an ethical place I believe.

Not that far from the Chocolate Hills there is the butterfly sanctuary where you can learn more about those beautiful creatures and take a walk in the tropical garden. Butterfly life cycle is usually 4 stages and many of them live around 28 days. They have different colors, some of them are active during the day, and some during the night (moths).

Everything about them is very symbolical! 

Stages represent evolution from a caterpillar, through pupation to a fully winged butterfly. If you think that people also get through those stages, you become understanding and at ease with individuals who act and talk in a primitive way, crawl on the ground and think they are so smart and know it all. You know it is a natural life cycle. If you find yourself feeling like in a dark, narrow place, like you got stuck, you can keep calm knowing that it is a part of the proces of growing wings and transforming to the next level.

The average lifespan which is around 28 days means that every minute, every day of life we have is a precious gift. Also an inspiration to live a life we will remember. 

Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and metamorphosis. Just like life is a constant change, so as we should never forget that, and go with the flow, not to block any change.

Some people are like colourful butterflies with wings, and look at everything from a higher perspective to see a big picture. Some are like moths, also called the butterflies of the night that fly to the light, just like they have no inner light and want a piece of it.

From Bohol you can easily get to Panglao Island by the bridge. What can I say, it’s just a small paradise with everything you need. Buko (coconut) in every corner, restaurants or local bars if you prefer, beautiful hotels and resorts, nature and beaches. If you make a good plan logistically, you can travel from island to island by boat or ferry, but here are bridges between these two, which makes it even better.

Filipinos are very friendly, warm and open people, and it’s nice to spend time around them. Kids and adults are always saying hi and smiling. 

Place where I spent a lot of time was another small island Siquijor. Not everywhere around it you can swim but it didn’t diminish my experience. Here, you can rent a motorbike, just scoot around (be careful at night not to harm huge crabs crossing the roads), take a trip to the waterfall (Lagaan Falls and Cambugahay Falls), to the Balete enchanted tree and chill, enjoy amazing sunset sitting on the wall between the beach and the main road in San Juan, or on the beach from the western part of the island. You can enjoy delicious food in many restaurants, talk to nice locals, go to the Salagdoong beach and jump from the 14 meters cliff. Moreover, you can admire big shells on the costs and see mangrove forests. The island is also famous for healers and witches, often called the mystical island, but the only witch I saw was me:

My favourite delicious filipino food: pancit, ube ice-cream (purple and heathy!) buko (a coconut), calamansi (a small citrus), baby bananas, lychee and the most amazing mango.

Cebu is a place known for the beautiful giant creatures called whale sharks. It was a dream and dilemma in the same time for me. I did a lot of research, tried it and here is my thought about this experience. 

I’ve red that feeding whale sharks so they would appear is ruining the whole water ecosystem. The experience of diving or snorkelling in Cebu is rushed, crazy and it doesn’t seem environmentally friendly. Some tourists act in a very strange way, to say the least. On the other hand, if the whale sharks wouldn’t be an attraction, those gentle giants would be killed and eaten…

I’ve chosen to see it for myself but I totally respect if someone decide not to do it for the environmental reasons. It is a dilemma and everyone should decide for themselves. 

In Cebu you can eat out on the floating restaurant, enjoy the music and food while floating on a river in the jungle. It’s nice but it is not an adventure 😉 It is Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant – Cordova but I’ve heard there’s more of them on the island.

Here and in many places in Philippines you can admire at night a beautiful show made by fireflies and listen to a funny sound made by geckos

The famous paradise Coron surprised me in many ways. If you google it, you will see million of amazing turquoise pictures, but when you get there in person, you will find yourself in a port town and you know how they are… Busy, crowds, noisy, and nothing like you imagined. There’s no beach to swim! Coron is more like a station to the paradise and to explore coral reefs, lagoons and other wonders. So to get there you need to book a group or private bout tour. 

Coron is loved by Korean people so there are many Korean restaurants. I’m a big fan of kimchi so this made my tummy very happy.  

In the town there is a view point which is not that easy to reach when it’s around 38 Celsius. When I got there with my beloved one, I wanted to go back fast because I saw the view in a fast pace. He couldn’t stop me so at some point, he just said “come back to look at this amazing butterfly!”, he knows that I love them and as I came back, he bent his knee, took out a diamond ring in a shape of a crown and asked to merry me… That was a bit of surprise but very nice one. And I said yes 🙂 Later he told me the whole funny story of how he was keeping a big diamond ring wrapped in a piece of toilet paper and hidden in a tiny cover for a toothbrush🤣 It was dangerous because I always throw out stuff looking like a trash, without blinking an eye. He was also trying to propose in Siquijor waterfall, but something interrupted him. 

After all, Coron and my fiancee made me feel like a princess wearing a diamond crown on my finger.

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