“Thailand is always a good idea”

Thailand elephants Malvina Dunder słonie tajlandia sanktuarium słoni

The most popular South East Asian country and we can find many reason for this title. 

Years ago Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a good idea”. For those who love sun, palm tress, coconuts and beaches, I would like to paraphrase it and say “Thailand is always a good idea”.

Follow me to see how beautiful Thailand is… 

Bangkok 📍

Is a huge, crowded, busy, warm & humid, polluted city where I always try not to spend much time. Of course there are some interesting places, like temples, roof top bars, night markets, but for me it is just a quick stop to other destinations. If you are going there for the first time I have two warnings for you. The first is, there are two airports in different parts of the city so be careful when booking flights to avoid unnecessarily panic 😉 The second one, there are famous or I should write infamous night clubs where people play ping pong… I don’t want to go into details and personal experience, but be careful with that 😅

Ayutthaya 📍

Around 80 km north from Bangkok there is a former capital of the Kingdom of Siam from 1350, and now an amazing complex of temples and ruins. Definitely “a must see” if you’re in the city.  

Kanchanaburi 📍

In the west part of the country is known for the bridge over the Khwae river and sad events from the past (and super famous old movie), but I visited this place to meet elephants. 

I visited “The Elephant World” sanctuary and had a great time volunteering. I’ve also heard negative comments about this place but cannot tell if they are true as people like to create drama and ignore serious problems.

Why we should NOT ride or trek an elephant in any touristic place? Because in order to make them obedient and safe with people, they are captivated as babies, abused, beaten and treated in a cruel way to make them fear of misbehaving. This is a part that tourist do not see. The other reason is that wooden seats are harming them. 
We should also not support places where elephants make tricks, paint, play, or do other similar and unnatural things.

“The ethical choices and travelling” – click if you want to learn more.

Phi Phi Island 📍

If you ever watched the iconic movie “the beach” you have probably already been here 😉

The island is like a small paradise with one shocking thing – the amount of trashes scattered on the beach and water. At least it was like this when I was visiting this place. Unfortunately it is like this in Asia and it hurts my heart seeing this amazing nature treated this way.

On the island we rented a kayak with my boyfriend and headed adventure. At some point we spotted some fins in the water coming closer and suddenly jumping out… there were around 10 dolphins! I couldn’t believe our luck yet after a moment we didn’t know how to behave because they are wild after all, and were coming in our direction when we were on a tiny kayak shaken by waves… Anyway, we couldn’t worry about it too much because it was one of the best surprises we’ve ever had!


It is quite big island and not that “tropical” in my taste but a great place to explore other islands and there’s many amazing hotels if you would like to pamper yourself. Thavorn palm beach resort is on of such places, and moreover you have animals living in the gardens like bunnies.

Koh Samui 📍

Koh Tao 📍

Railay Krabi 📍

I will always remember Krabi as a total surprise and adventure, because I didn’t know much about this place before I came there, and the way was not something I expected…

I was traveling with my boyfriend from Malaysian Lankawi Island that took around 8 hours, and from one city we took a taxi to Krabi when we were closer. We always try to look like we know where we are going, and not ask too many questions. So we were astonished when the taxi driver left as on the small marina, and maybe too tired to proces what’s going on. We saw that there’s the last boat leaving soon, so we got in. It was very strange because you could see on the map that it is not an island, so why go there by boat?!? It got dark, waves were big and shaking the small Thai “long boat” and we were nervous. We arrived at night, saw our hotel and celebrated it with my favourite mango shake😊

If I would travel solo, I’d freak out. Traveling with a right person gives a comfort that no matter what’s going on, you are in this together. 

I really appreciate that I have the best travel partner because I also experienced traveling with people who were complaining, panicking, not making decisions and then blaming you for making a wrong one. When you travel, you have to make many decision and face different challenges. Sometimes it is not possible to know something before you gain you own experience, so you cannot totally avoid the risk. If you are with the right person, you have a support and it’s easier to overcome any obstacle. If you are with the wrong person, then it’s better to travel solo, because he or she will make it worse than it is. Actually, I think it refers to life in general.

From our hotel room I saw a big swimming pool and wanted to go there, but it was dark and I felt exhausted so I decided to go to sleep. In the morning I found out it was a great decision as I saw in the light that only the part of it was a swimming pool and the other was a pond with huge lizards! Later I found that there live friendly dragons called monitor lizards that can have up to 3 meters long. I’m sure they are nice creatures, however I don’t want to know how they would react if I invaded them at night in their home 😉

On Railay beach is also a home for monkeys so you need to remember to lock your balcony. They look cute yet are quite a trouble makers🐒

Railay is accessible only by boat because there’s a massive cliff separating it from the land, and it is not possible to take a walk. The mistery solved 😉

Koh Samui 📍

Koh Tao 📍

Railay Krabi 📍

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