The universal laws learnt from the ancient civilisations.

Malvina Dunder

On my journey I’ve learned many great things from our ancestors and ancient civilisations, but I’m not talking about the “great” leaders who were called like this because of invading lands, aggression and huge ego. 

Thousands years ago some people had an immense knowledge about the world and the laws that exist here. They were told many times, and in many ways since then, yet stayed a bit dusty. 

They are often called the 12 Universal Laws but have many more names.

The laws are all interconnected, and affect every part of our life and the whole world.

This is a vast topic, here you will find some key words:

    We are all connected. So everything we do, say, think – affect others and the world.
    Everything we do – matters.
    Looking up or down on others – creates segregation, so it’s against this law.
    “Be the change you want to see in the world”
    Like attracts like.
    We attract what we are, not what we want.
    We are what we do, think, say – those are unique vibrations that attracts their exact match.
    Everything is energy and has its own unique vibration. They could be high (positive) or low (negative).

    Choose and lean into what is good, focus on positive and what you want (instead of what you don’t want), search for things you can be grateful for at this moment.

    Simplify – don’t overanalyse, don’t do drama, stay away from people & situations that bring drama into your life. Get rid of the clutter and distractions.
    Your action, what you do about your goals is crucial, but it’s rather the inspired action: set your course – give your life a direction and use your inner compass in the process.

    Share your vision, your gifts, your passion, your experience – it may help others, it can inspire, it can change the world for the better.

    Shine your light and don’t forget your power, the world needs you.

    Lead by example.
    As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”
    ― Hermes Trismegistus

    The world is our mirror.
    Try not to anything personally.
    Victim mentality, old wounds attract predators.
    We are not here to judge or save or change or comment others, we are here to be aware.

    Never tell or think about yourself something you wouldn’t like to hear saying about you from others.
    In other word the law of karma – you reap what you sow.
    We are reaping what we sow yesterday and in the past, and we will reap tomorrow or in the further future what we are planting now.
    Everything we give – comes back to us multiplied.
    Always do your best (and be aware of this!) – it prevent from self-judge, self-doubt and regret.
    Giving and receiving should be in harmony.
    Life is a constant change.
    When it’s time to make a change, your world will get so uncomfortable for you that you will have no other choice than to leave.
    We give a meaning to everything, it’s about our perspective.
    We decide if our past experience was teaching or devastating. Pain is meant to wake us up.
    Perfection is based on our own perception.
    “Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.”
    This world is dual. Everything has opposites, positive & negative. We need them both to learn and grow.
    Our world works in cycles, has its own tides, seasons, like we can see in nature. When we plant a seed, we need to wait until we can see it.
    When we are in a challenging situation, we should remember that it is temporary. It shall pass. 
    There are feminine and masculine energies in everything and everyone. Both equally important.

Your own definition of balance is key to everything. 

Your personal growth doesn’t happen at most when you are reading books and meditating, but when you are angry, frustrated, scared, stressed, in a conflict and behaving in an old way, while realising you can make a different choice and doing this.

I know it can be overwhelming after reading this for the first time, and there are thousands of books about every of these laws. Yet it’s very natural, just need some time to settle down in your mind. I hope one day kids at school will be taught about it in an interesting way. If we were, life would be much easier, because it is like sailing with the wind, not fighting against it or hiding in a port.

It gives a better understanding of the world, and I’d love to give you something meaningful to remember and use it in your life after reading this. Here are some examples of living according and against these laws:

Majority of people nowadays are not happy with their lives, they think they should get more from others (high expectations), love to complain, do a drama from time to time, prove their points like only they are right, watch some news stuffed with negative information and disaster that never happened and maybe never will. They lean in to what they don’t want – negative by talking about it with their family, friends and partners. When we are focusing on negative, talking about it – we become a match vibration to those things and we can attract only the same (because like attract like). When we are like a sponge soaking drama – the drama will be happening to us. 

When we look up or down on others that causes segregation, and only thing we can experience – is being “labeled” by others. When we know that the external world is a projection of our inner world (mirror), then we don’t take things personally. Yet if something triggers us, we are aware that there’s still wound within us causing this in order to be noticed and healed.

When people spread their focus on Social Media and life of others (often judging as well) instead of focusing on their priorities. How this way they can achieve their goals? We need a lot of focus, time and energy to achieve it (the law of action).

When something bad happens in their life, they only see how difficult is their life, don’t see that it was a good lesson and could grow thanks to it.

Often when someone set a goal (plant a seed) expect that it has to be achieved now, otherwise he or she will get angry, unsatisfied, complaining (which is basically like digging soil to see if the seed started growing, and getting angry that it is too slow. And ruining the whole process). If a person know about the law of rhythm, then is full of trust in the proces, and water the seed every day with “nutritions”, love and care.

Not understanding the law of gender may cause a problem in a relationship when two people tend to behave in the same energy, f. eks. Masculine and eventually star fighting and competing.

When someone helps other person, very often he or she expect that this person will use the advice and do accordingly. But it’s not what we are here for. Everyone has own free will, and is on a certain stage in life (it’s natural, nothing to be angry about). Some are like beautiful butterflies, and some are small caterpillars yet. We are here to be aware, and shine without observing others what they are doing with our “help”. Also are all different, so what’s best for us, is not good for others. 

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