Scotland📍Trip to Isle of Skye, selfie with Nessie from Loch Ness, a new title “lady Malvina of Glencoe”

Due to the delay of my flight and choosing the wrong route, I was able to admire the full moon over the misty moors, ravens, hares, roe deers, and other creatures. Scotland is so alive at night! That’s how I got to the old Victorian building from the mid-1800s, now a guest house…

Malvina Dunder, Scotland, Szkocja, podróże

📍Loch Ness & selfie with Nessie

I got up early in the morning to see a famous lake, we were taking pictures and videos with a drone, when something on the lake started making waves and foam, we could see a dark shape like the back of a huge seal… I know, it’s hard to take it seriously, but we took pictures of it and a drone footage! If it was a boat, it would leave a long trail, so maybe it’s a huge fish, maybe a strange water current out of nowhere, or maybe Nessie herself 🙂

You can see the video on my Instagram / “Scotland” highlights.

📍 Inverness

📍The Castle of Eilean Donan

Isle of Skye 

📍Fairy Pools


📍Neist Point

📍Loch Eyre guest house

📍The Old Man of Storr

📍Kilt Rock Waterfall


📍Fairy Glen 

Malvina Dunder, travel, podróże, Szkocja, Scotland
Malvina Dunder, travel, podróże, Szkocja, Scotland


Malvina Dunder, travel, podróże, Szkocja, Scotland

📍Glenfinnan Viaduct 

Here you can see the Hogwarts Express, if you come at a time and day when it is scheduled 🙂 It’s famous from the Harry Potter movie.

Check out the video:

📍Ballachulish Hotel

In this old Victorian beautiful building, you can order a gin from their own production and sit in an old chair in the lodge. My room was in the attic, with creaking stairs leading to it. There were pigeons making noises on the roof and I have to admit, it all gave a bit of horror movie vibe 😉

There is an old quarry near the hotel and a magical forest:

📍“Hill of the sun” & “The signal Rock”

Malvina Dunder, travel, podróże, Szkocja, Scotland


In Scotland you can buy land (even as tiny as one square foot) and get the title of Lady / Lord 🙂 I received it as a gift along with the certificate of Lady Malvina Dunder of Glencoe. I was laughing, but it says that now I can even use it in my documents.

📍The famous road from James Bond movie “Skyfall”

Scotland is so beautiful…

Malvina Dunder, travel, podróże, Szkocja, Scotland

Let’s meet on:

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