Dubai & Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

Dubai desert Bab al shams resort spa, Malvina Dunder pustynia

Dubai seems like a perfect, modern city but there is one thing – the temperature outside is so high  that you cannot just go for a walk. When I was visiting this place, there was 42 Celsius at 8:00 o’clock in the morning… I love warm weather but it was too much after one hour outside. I’ve red about scientists trying to change the climate for cooler, but it is a desert so it’s a challenge. 

While ago I saw on Instagram really great picture of Dubai taken from the desert with the road covered with sand and skyscrapers on the horizon. This way I found out that there are non existing locations on the Internet… I know we live in the era of Photoshop but making and posting pictures like this without any explanation is just mean and disappointing.

In Dubai there is a great option for women traveling solo – the pink taxies only for women, and of course the taxi drivers are women only as well. If you arrive at night in a foreign country, it is a nice comfort to use this one. 

It is definitely interesting to see the city but I prefer nature and wanted to experience something traditional. Also, I can’t even stressed how much I love arabic cuisine (I chose only plant based options) and mint tea from a heavy, engraved metal pot and small cups, on the rooftop at the desert while watching the stars 🤩

The perfect place where you can experience it all is Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai that can make you feel like princess from the “One Thousand and One Nights” (the English translation “the Arabian Nights”) in the enchanted oasis.

During the day you can dive into the turquoise infinity pool, later watch sunset from the sand dunes, take a camel or horse ride, and interact with hawks. At night there are opened restaurants where you can enjoy the show involving animals in a friendly way (no tricks, just a visual story show), beautiful belly-dancers and different traditional dances. The food is exquisite and when I asked for vegan options I was offered more deliciousness than I could eat. Afterward I was invited to the stage to join a group of dancers and Could barely move 😉

Check out my insta highlights to see more of Dubai.

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