Malta & Gozo

Malta Valetta Malvina Dunder

The island of the cats and megaliths.

Small island country on the Mediterranean Sea (three islands in total of 316 square kilometres), surrounded by rocky beaches, cliffs, and seems like owned by cats that are everywhere you go, or maybe that’s just me – the cat magnet 😉 I think it’s a good idea to take the hop on – hop off bus if you want to see the touristic places. 

My dream for many years was to interact with dolphins and I got so excited when found about the place where you can do it, that I didn’t think to check if it’s an ethical place. After this experience I decided not to support places with animals living in small areas, and making tricks to please tourists. Now I know it was a mistake, but like many people I grew up thinking that zoos and aquariums are normal and took me some time to realise that it’s NOT

One of the most famous views of Malta was the Azure Window that collapsed in to the sea and now attracts more divers than tourists 😉 I feel lucky I saw it just before it happened.

In the capital Valetta you can stroll around in the historical old town or… party. There’s many music & night clubs and there’s also a part of town where you can party 24 hours. I love to have fun, but I’m not a party girl so booking a hotel in that area wasn’t a good idea. If you are not a fan of loud people acting like zombies – it’s a hint 🙃

There’s very interesting place older than pyramids of Egipt and Stonehenge! It’s the megalith temples, built around 3600 BC by the mysterious civilisation that “disappeared” and we don’t really know much about it (it’s earlier than the Sumerian and Egyptian civilisations!).

Actually, there’s many (23 excavated) temples around Malta & Gozo but not all are open for tourists. 

The constructions are built with massive limestones in a way that some of them still stand, so we can figure out that the builders were not primitive as we tend to think about human from the past. It is said that at that time, people could’t even use metal tools or a wheel… yet some of the stones weigh up to 57 tones. One construction is particularly advanced – The Hypogeum of Ħal Saflien, which was built underground and goes down 14 meters under the surface. Some sources say that there was dig out around 2000 tones of stones to make it. Some megaliths are engraved with the spiral symbols and aligned with the astronomical occurrences, engineered in a way, we know nothing about. Seems like there’s a huge part of the world’s history missing here

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