Which type of “vacation” is for you? Travel tips ✅

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As your vacation is approaching, you are planning your trip and wondering what is best for you. There are many options: 

  • a sightseeing trip with a travel agency; 
  • a trip with the travel office to the hotel with “all inclusive” option; 
  • “all inclusive” hotel stay (so basically the same as above but without travel agent arranging it for you)
  • Travelling on your own; 
  • “Road trip” (travelling by car); 
  • Cruise trip (staying on a cruise ferry that stops at various ports); 
  • renting a private boat and “island hopping,” (travelling across many islands);
  • trip with your favorite traveler, which are becoming increasingly popular;
  • holidays in a center focused on some purpose, eg language learning, health, yoga, often called “retreat”. 
    There are hotels dealing with this throughout the year, as well as well-known people who sometimes organize such trips related to yoga, drinking juice, etc. More and more people are promoting so-called “slow travel”, which is something opposite to the pursuit of touristic places. It is enjoying and focusing on the journey itself, not reaching the destination. People very involved in caring for the environment are increasingly choosing to sail around the world instead of flying, which consumes a lot of fuel. There are also websites where you can find and take a hitchhike on the water and f.eks join a sailing cruise.

The best option for us will be the one that is completely tailored to our lifestyle, needs and preferences, i.e. if we have a large family, it is worth using the “all inclusive” option in the hotel, and if we want to go somewhere you can always go to the travel office in a hotel or city and purchase a day trip to some special place.

It is worth mixing practical with pleasurable, and you can do that by acquiring a new skill when on your holiday, such as diving, kitesurfing, a new language, yoga etc., so it is good idea to think and look for something that could interest us.

If we are very busy or feel insecure, it is worth going to a restful place when you can relax, where someone will plan and organise everything for us, handle transportation, ticket etc. and we will just enjoy the time without worrying about anything. 

A good option is a vacation focused on regeneration, cleansing and activity, especially if for years we did not care about our health and threw rubbish into the body, which started eventually screaming for help.

An important question is what kind of landscape do we like? Don’t go to the tropical beaches that are beautiful, but you don’t like sand and your skin can easily get sunburn. Maybe you prefer winter lands? Even in summer, you can fly to the magical Svalbard Islands to watch polar bears, snow and whales. If we are disturbed by the crowds, then do not get in the middle of the season to well-known tourist places, otherwise, no matter how beautiful it is, you will feel annoyed and unhappy every day.

Are you maybe fed up with everyone and everything? Then consider less popular, yet beautiful wild landscapes of Mongolia or mysterious forests in Kazakhstan.

Choose places like Egypt, Machu Pichu in Peru, Angkor Wat in Cambodia if you are interested in history and ancient civilisations.

Or maybe you are a connoisseur of “infinity pools”? (pools where you are not able to see the concrete end of it) This is also ok 😉

Holidays are also a great time to meet other people if we are open to it. Usually at this time people are more open, communicative and willing to make new friends, relaxed, cheerful. Often, when we are in a new place and we don’t know anyone, we are drawn to others more, unlike our daily busy life when we just focus on everyday “business” and duties. 

It is worth asking yourself how do we like to spend time: active or relaxing?

Only once I went on vacation to a hotel with “all inclusive”, but ended up being busy with adventures from early morning to night and eventually I didn’t use it at all. The plan was good, I was supposed to lie flat on the beach or by the pool the whole week, but nothing came out of it. As usual, I came back from vacation exhausted 🙂 But happy, because the world is so beautiful.

We don’t have enough time to see every corner of the Earth and experience everything, but we can choose and focus on what suits us best, make it our “hobby” fueled by passion, curiosity and fascination

Find the perfect way to spend your vacation, exactly how it suits you!

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