Yoga – is your body a beautiful temple?

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After years of professional ballet, I was looking for a type of activity that would be more friendly to my body. I once took a yoga class at the gym and almost fell asleep from boredom. I tried it once again later in a different place, and decided it was not something for me.

One day on my birthday, which I was spending on a small Indonesian island, I got up at 4 am, went to the beach, and then took a yoga class in the hotel that specializes in yoga retreats. I wanted to take care of myself, give something meaningful and spend time trying something new. It was a different and interesting experience that made me feel really good.

Later I discovered the YouTube channel Boho Beautiful, which became my favorite yoga-themed channel, because it is interesting, shot in beautiful places, full of nice and positive energy. Thanks to this, I rediscovered yoga and its benefits. When exercising I feel as if every cell of my body is flourishing and all the blockades are gone. I reminded myself how important it is to stretch my body and how much better it makes me feel. Also how it lifts up my mood.

Yoga is for everyone, you can adjust it to your level, possibilities, time and desire. It is for those who love and want to take care of themselves and their body, not for those who like to stay on the same level. It reminds us that our body is a beautiful temple.

If you’re looking for exercise for yourself and yoga sounds interesting, try up to 5-10 minutes a day, while waiting for your tea or coffee. Don’t make a big plan that you can’t make it work and it will only stress you. A sticky note and a few minutes of stretching or yoga can work wonders and significantly improve your mood. After all, having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

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