What’s in my beauty bag, home and back pack?

neuschwanstein castle Malvina Dunder zamek

For the years of travelling I found some of my favourite and the most convenient suff to take with me, I hope you can find some inspirations here and make you life easier 😉

What’s in my beauty bag?

  • OILS! I can’t stress enough how amazing they are and multifunctional. You can use it for different purposes, like washing your face or make-up removal (OCM – oil cleansing method), as a hair and body balm or face cream. It’s more natural for our skin than many drug store creams, makes it softer and luminous.
    Some oils works like sunscreens, and the best for this purpose is raspberry seeds oil and carrot but the latter could cause orange stains on your body and clothes so it’s better to buy a ready made product blended with some different oil. It’s friendly for the body and environment, water when you are swimming.
  • Aloe vera gel is also multifunctional like oils, moreover smoothens your skin when you get a sunburn. 
  • Peelings: microdermabrasion or glycolic acid, salicylic, fruit or other kind. I can’t stop touching my face after using one of these 😉
  • hydrolate, hydrosol, floral water or thermal water – way better than drug store toners, more delicate and good to use with oils that should be applied to dump skin to hydrate it.
Vegan ecco cruelty-free multifunctional travel cosmetics. Kosmetyki wielofunkcyje w podróż

I love Meteorites Guerlain but I’m waiting for the brand to become cruelty free. Until then I’m using the Hourglass high quality products which gives a healthy glow, and other vegan and cruelty free brands.

All the brands that are sold in China market are tested on animals which is required by the law. When it is changed (it supposed to be in 2020 but don’t know when exactly) many brands will be able to resign completely from testing. Fingers crossed!

I often shop in Ecco Verde or iHerbs where many products are plastic free, cruelty free, vegan and environmental friendly. If you know more shops like this, let me know in the comments.

What’s in my backpack?
Many basics and something typical for a place or culture where I go. 

Check out my insta highlights and Instagram to see what I pack.

What’s in my home?
For the last years I’ve been using the washing nuts (Sapindus mukorossi) and now also environmental friendly washing capsules.
Baking soda and apple vinegar to clean, also ready made products that are not strong and toxic detergents.
My goal is zero waste home (and plastic free).

My key words are: minimalism, multifunction, cruelty free, environmental friendly, and I’m glad that it’s easier now to buy those kind of products.

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